Morning Prayer for Boundaries, Self-Love, and Protection

Photo of the moon over clouds, by Lyv Jaan

About this prayer:

This prayer is an offering that builds strength in our inner capacity to love our selves, so that we may be better prepared to set and maintain our boundaries through the challenges of our days. It is my hope that this prayer can be helpful for anyone who experiences depression, abuse, trauma, addiction, and/or low self-esteem, among a multitude of other possible experiences, and who struggles to feel at home in their being.

This prayer is written within a framework of the philosophy that each human being has a soul, and the soul is God, that we are God but we forget this to be true. And in remembering God as being so close to us that s/he is us, we offer ourselves the opportunity to heal from these experiences like depression and abuse, etc., that created bends and ripples in our soul’s incarnation.

If you feel unheard, unloved, abandoned, abused, forgotten, and like the world simply isn’t good enough, then say this prayer aloud to yourself quietly. My intention in writing it is that it may open the door for you to remember your self, to come to your rescue as you approach an all-loving god. It will allow you the gift of coming home to your very nature, your being, your divinity, your sacred sovereignty, and to rest in the bliss of the freedom that this offers.

When we remember that we are God, that God is within and around us, that our heart is God, our breath is God, we start the healing journey of developing and growing our capacity to love our self. And when we start to love our self, then we have the foundation upon which we can build the rest of our lives, with strength, courage, and peace.

May you bless me with the light of divine grace,
To lead me in the darkness I may feel today.
May your grace fill my spirit,
So that I may remember that I am one with you,
My being, my soul, alight with your love,
Radiant and full, yet soft and endless.
May each breath be a conversation with you,
My God, my heart,
My universe, sun and moon,
All colour, all form, all thought,
A blessèd experience of the senses you have given me.
May you be with me throughout my day,
As I work with the suffering of human life,
As I work with the gifts and sorrows that you have given to me,
As I work with my reality before me,
As I work with the people who are close with me,
And people who I meet today.
May you be with me as I experience difficulties, triggers, and sorrows,
So that I am always blessed with the radiant loving warmth of your divinity,
My soul, my spirit, the light of consciousness that moves through me.
As I experience strife, be it internal or external,
May I be with you in love,
So that I am always with the peace of my soul,
Always in the loving warmth of the light in my heart,
You and I,
Even when I feel that you are far,
May I always feel the light of grace in my heart,
And may this light and my awareness of this light
Protect me from forgetting my divinity,
Protect me from giving my power to others,
Protect me from believing in false narratives,
Protect me from everything that may desire to extinguish
The faith I have in your light, my light, my love, my self.
May you bless me this day,
So that I may continue to learn and grow, and to do what it is
That I was put on this beautiful planet to do.
May I be blessed so that I can be an instrument of your peace,
An instrument of your love, your creativity, your spirit and grace,
In fulfilling the purpose of my birth and my place in this world.
I thank you for all of the blessings you have bestowed upon me,
Today and at birth and always.
Om, Shanti, Peace, Amen.

Photo by Lÿv Jaan on Unsplash.

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