A Time For Honouring

Photo of clouds at sunset, by Susie.

I think I’m understanding a bit more what we mean when we say to “honour” something — a time, an experience, a god. I honoured something finally that I was afraid to look at, I guess because it was time to do so. One of my teachers, Peter, says “what is love but attention?” Honouring something to me means to turn to it, to gaze at it, shower it with full attention, when we’re ready. “I see you, I’m not too uncomfortable to look at you, I don’t reduce you or joke you away.”

I’m going to take this a bit farther. I meditate under the planets and stars, studying the 4th State of Consciousness (woah), Vedic Astrology, and the Yoga Sutras. Chapter 3 of the Yoga Sutras tells us that meditating on the planets and on perception reveals our past and future (and some other things). This becomes more apparent the more you study our solar system and its myths.

In Vedic Astrology, each planet is a god. When you meditate on the planets and then watch and study and observe under the night’s sky, and grow to understand the meanings behind the areas of the sky they inhabit, even from Earth’s spinning perspective, it becomes effortlessly clear and obvious that yes, these are gods. These are so much bigger than me. They are giants. They seem devoid of meaning or intelligence because we’re so stupidly arrogant and small. We are them, they are us. We are the tiniest brief moment of a thought to them, we are tiny neurons in their minds.

But they have no minds, they are not a mind. They are neither conceivable nor perceivable. And yet we are them. They are so close we can’t even see them.

I see the spread of Time like a ribbon across the sky. Sometimes Time feels very small, stuck, awful. So friggin Earth-bound. And other times you can see the past clearly, with the benefit of the distance between now and then, when everything feels big and free, expansive and open. Honouring something feels easier when it’s time to do so. It becomes time to do so when we are at that point along our path, as indicated by our dasha periods. When it feels like a giant golden door has opened into awareness and you can see those past experiences with love instead of denial, then it’s time to honour them.

The planets play out their drama at the same time that you’ve done the work of living. It seems like you decided to honour your thing, but it was the dance between these cosmic gods that opened up the majesty of your path before you, before them. Our paths are written for us already, as ruled by each god. We are simply living our paths and figuring it out. Because all of our life’s chapters were accompanied by celestial movements, maybe we can honour and make peace with ourselves and our memories by meditating on the world beyond us, in order to gain perspective on time and an awareness of who we are now and who we were then.

Om, Shanti, Peace, Amen,


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